Trinity Mountain Homestead

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This year we decided to devote one and a half of our raised beds to
to artichokes. They really seem to like it here! These are the “Globe” variety of artichokes. The first crop of the late spring produced small artichokes in abundance. About a month later they were producing artichokes about three inches across. The seam to attract earwigs. That really creeps me out. It’s easy to get them out. We just put the artichokes in a bowl of water and the earwigs leave. Earwigs don’t seem to ne able to swim. They die in the water very quickly.

We like artichokes. Steaming or boiling them with salt and some fresh rosemary and garlic is always an easy way to enjoy them. Par boiling them, cutting them in half, brushing them with a little olive oil and grilling them also makes a wonderful summer side dish.

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